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John Sloop on the World Cup, National Identity, and Fandom

Posted by on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 in News, Spotlights.

John Sloop, professor of communication studies, has published a piece in The Conversation about the World Cup, national identity, and fan cultures. Professor Sloop notes that U.S.-based soccer fans are often cheering for players whose national identities are different from their own. This is a stark contrast to the ways fandom and national identity are generally performed in the world of soccer. Professor Sloop gives explicit attention to U.S. followers of Mexico’s largest league, Liga MX. He writes: “What does it mean for American soccer identity at the World Cup that a majority of U.S. soccer fans prefer the Mexican league over the domestic league? And how does this translate into support, in particular, for the U.S. men’s national team?”

You can also pre-order Dr. Sloop’s new book on the topic, Soccer’s Neoliberal Pitch: The Sport’s Power, Profit, and Discursive Politics, on Amazon.