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Dr. John Sloop writes about the cultivation of diversity in MLS

Feb. 21, 2023—Professor John Sloop recently published an essay in The Conversation about the cultivation of diversity in Major League Soccer. Sloop traces how apartheid, racism, and the superstar Pelé all contributed, in different ways, to this development. You can read the full essay here: How apartheid, European racism and Pelé helped cultivate a culture of diversity in US soccer that endures...

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John Sloop on the World Cup, National Identity, and Fandom

Nov. 22, 2022—John Sloop, professor of communication studies, has published a piece in The Conversation about the World Cup, national identity, and fan cultures. Professor Sloop notes that U.S.-based soccer fans are often cheering for players whose national identities are different from their own. This is a stark contrast to the ways fandom and national identity are generally performed in...

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Tommy Oswalt tells us how building a community at Vanderbilt paved the way for his career in New York City

Sep. 20, 2022—“I came from a very small town in Alabama, so being able to meet people from different cultures, with different life experiences and opinions, exposed me to a lot more of the world,” said Oswalt, who graduated with a double major in psychology and communication studies.”

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Bohyeong Kim named Dean’s Faculty Fellow

Aug. 22, 2022—Bohyeong Kim, assistant professor of communication studies, has been named a Dean’s Faculty Fellow by the Vanderbilt College of Arts and Science. The Dean’s Faculty Fellows Program launched in 2018 to support untenured faculty in their research, scholarship, and creative expression. Faculty are selected because of their scholarly accomplishments and the promise they show to make an impact in their respective...

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