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Facilities Information Services

Facilities Library

Maintain and organize the institution’s original facility documents (approximately 250,000 documents) with a linked database. Scan existing plan documents and link with the database. Support and provide Plant Operations, Architectural/Engineering library/printing.

Spatial Data

Serves as the official campus-wide reference point for issuing facility and room space numbering and for official building square footage. Maintains “as-built” floor plans for all facilities (Medical & University). Conducts space inventory of all non-medical space for indirect Cost Accounting and plan square feet. Updates and monitors official non-medical space assignment plan. Advises on documents, space use and space changes.

GIS (Mapping)

The Facilities Information Services, GIS mapping is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the University’s campus maps. Utilizing a GIS (Geographic Information System), we maintain the utility maps, which include communication and fiber optics, electric, natural gas, fuel, chilled water, sewer, steam, water and other mapping considerations.