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Erin B. Logan BA’17: From Vanderbilt Scholar to White House Reporter

Nov. 19, 2021—Google CEO Sundar Pichai once stated, “A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” Erin B. Logan, BA’17, is a shining example of this as she gives voice to often unheard perspectives as a White House reporter covering The Biden-Harris administration for The Los Angeles Times. As she covers some...

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Seizing the Opportunity to Accomplish Lifelong Goals: Alfred Prah, BA’19

Sep. 4, 2020—As a student in Ghana, Alfred Prah, BA’19, didn’t have access to a laptop or personal cell phone at the boarding school he attended. Despite that, he was captivated by the potential of technology to enrich his education and had dreams of using AI to make technology more useful and accessible to everyone. He knew...

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The Power of Mentoring: Susan Gessner Stewart, BS’90

Jul. 20, 2020—When Susan Gessner Stewart, BS’90, first came to the College of Arts and Science, her mind was firmly grounded on this planet—in the world of architecture, to be precise. Then a string of unexpected circumstances led her to the Department of Physics and Astronomy, where one professor’s mentoring changed the path of her life. Now...

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