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Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Emphasis on Rett Syndrome

Jeffrey Neul M.D., Ph.D.
Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center
Annette Schaffer Eskind Chair
Professor of Pediatrics, Pharmacology, and Special Education
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
PMB 40
230 Appleton Place
Nashville, TN 37203-5721
615-322-8242 (office)

Jeffrey Neul is a physician scientist who focuses on the clinical care, clinical research, and translational research for genetic neurodevelopmental disorders, with an emphasis on Rett syndrome.  Rett syndrome is typically caused by mutations in the epigenetic regulator MECP2 and robs affected individuals of their ability to speak and use their hands.  The Neul lab uses a combination of modern genetic, molecular, and physiological methods to characterize animal and cellular models of Rett syndrome and related disorders to develop an enhanced understanding of the pathophysiological basis and to develop and test novel therapies