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Declaring a Major in Neuroscience

Undergraduate students can utilize the Major/Minor Declaration form in Kuali to request to add, drop, or change their majors and/or minors. For Neuroscience, the request form routes to Robyne Greene in the Program Office, and to the student’s school for approval. Upon final approval, declarations are processed by the Office of the University Registrar.

If you would like to request that a specific Neuroscience faculty member is assigned as your advisor, please reach out to Robyne Greene prior to submitting your declaration. Please note that this will be contingent on whether the faculty member is accepting new advisees at that time.

IMPORTANT: Our program does not accept declarations one week prior to the A&S Declaration Moratorium. Please reference the University Academic Calendar for specific dates. Declarations that come in during this time period will be held until the moratorium has ended.

For assistance in Kuali, please reference the Student User Guide.