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Chris Wilkerson: 2023 November Student Spotlight

Posted by on Friday, November 17, 2023 in Graduate Alumni, Graduate Students, Highlights, Student Profiles.

The Graduate School recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work in their scholarly pursuits, research, and community involvement. We would like to recognize the following student:

Chris Wilkerson, a 67-year-old graduate student in Vanderbilt Graduate School’s MLAS program, is set to release his second book based on his military service titled “It Mattered to Them,” next October.

Inspired by his World War II veteran father and the film “Lawrence of Arabia,” Wilkerson’s military journey unfolded unexpectedly, shaping his future. In his first book, “Scanning for Dolphins,” he candidly explores a two-year quest for self-discovery, questioning life’s offerings despite apparent success.

Wilkerson’s academic prowess is remarkable, boasting a Ph.D., seven master’s degrees, and two bachelor’s degrees. Currently focused on History in the MLAS program, he credits the program for encouraging lifelong learners like himself to continue their journey of rediscovery.

In addition to his literary and academic achievements, Wilkerson has an impressive professional background. Serving as an Adjunct Professor and guest lecturer at prestigious institutions, he also held executive roles with notable organizations. His story serves as an inspiration to anyone pursuing their dreams, regardless of age or circumstance.

Congratulations on your second book, and we hope it will be a success!