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Noah Robinson: 2023 November Student Spotlight

Posted by on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 in Uncategorized.

The Graduate School recognizes graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and hard work in their scholarly pursuits, research, and community involvement. We would like to recognize the following student:

Noah Robinson, a clinical psychology doctoral candidate has received funding for a $2M grant on which he will serve as PI. It’s an R44 grant to conduct a full-scale RCT of Innerworld, the mental health peer support application he has built in the metaverse through his start-up startup. I’ve pasted the abstract below. Innerworld was founded after receiving initial funding from the Vanderbilt Wond’ry. In addition, he has two papers published on Cognitive Behavioral Immersion, the novel modality, in relation to substance use disorders, depression, and anxiety.┬á


Congratulations Noah!