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How One Mathematical Theory Could Unlock Consciousness | inter+SECTIONS (Student Research Series)

Apr. 28, 2023—Undergraduate students at A&S have unique opportunities to conduct a wide range of research, discovery, and scholarship during their time on campus. As an undergraduate researcher, Pax Poggi BA’25 studies the intersection of mathematics and consciousness. Hear about his work with the integrated information theory of consciousness, the first mathematical framework for evaluating awareness.

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College of Arts and Science faculty recognized for excellence in 2021 university awards

Aug. 30, 2021—Vanderbilt University’s Office of the Provost annually recognizes faculty members for their accomplishments in teaching, research, and service to the campus community with internal awards. Announced at the Fall Faculty Assembly on August 26, 2021, six College of Arts and Science faculty members received awards for their outstanding work. Below are the A&S winners: Chancellor’s...

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Faculty Research Uncovers Community Insights to Help Fight COVID-19

Jun. 4, 2020—Amidst all the uncertainty caused by COVID-19, one constant has held: researchers across the College of Arts and Science have dedicated their efforts to understanding the virus, how to control it, and how it impacts our communities. Jennifer Trueblood, associate professor of psychology, and Tara McKay, assistant professor of medicine, health, and society, are part...

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Biological Sciences, Psychology Faculty Named Among Top Researchers in U.S. and Canada

Apr. 8, 2020—Two College of Arts and Science faculty members have been named Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2020 Research Fellows. Assistant Professor of Psychology Antonia Kaczkurkin and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Ann Tate will each receive a $75,000 award, which can be used over a two-year term to support their research. They were among a small...

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