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How One Mathematical Theory Could Unlock Consciousness | inter+SECTIONS (Student Research Series)

Apr. 28, 2023—Undergraduate students at A&S have unique opportunities to conduct a wide range of research, discovery, and scholarship during their time on campus. As an undergraduate researcher, Pax Poggi BA’25 studies the intersection of mathematics and consciousness. Hear about his work with the integrated information theory of consciousness, the first mathematical framework for evaluating awareness.

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inter+SECTIONS: visual art + social justice

Mar. 24, 2023—Rebecca VanDiver, associate professor of art and architecture, discusses the work of Elizabeth Catlett, an African American printmaker and sculptor. VanDiver looks at how art functions not only as a lens into society, but also as a cultural vehicle between the movement and the museum.

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inter+SECTIONS: Climate Change + Evolution with Larisa DeSantis

Aug. 26, 2022—  Conservation paleobiologist Larisa DeSantis, associate professor of biological sciences, explores the intersection of climate change + evolution with her research on the extinct marsupial lion. Watch the debut episode from inter+SECTIONS, a new faculty research video series from the College of Arts and Science.

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First-ever longitudinal study on LGBTQ+ aging is window into seldom-studied community

Jun. 20, 2022—NASHVILLE, Tenn.—A four-year longitudinal study of older LGBTQ+ people in the South is being conducted to better identify the sources of stress and resilience for this infrequently studied population. Led by Tara McKay, assistant professor of medicine, health, and society, and her team, the Vanderbilt University Social Networks, Aging, and Policy Study (VUSNAPS) is providing...

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Vanderbilt LGBTQ+ Policy Lab founders conduct first research on health effects of legal same-sex marriage

Jun. 9, 2022—NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Leaders of Vanderbilt’s LGBTQ+ Policy Lab have provided the first comprehensive evidence on the effects of access to legal same-sex marriage. Their efforts revealed that marriage access impacted the LGBTQ+ community positively in multiple ways. The first-of-its-kind study, published last year, analyzed aspects of both marriage and health in same-sex households following the full...

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Rate of Change: Sandra Rosenthal & the Patterns of Bipolar Disorder

Oct. 5, 2021—Sandra Rosenthal, Jack and Pamela Egan Chair and professor of chemistry, shares how her personal struggle with bipolar disorder has influenced her research.

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