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The VISOR Trans-Institutional Program focuses on multi-disciplinary research for formulating, developing, and deploying “smart city” applications. The population growth fueled by increasing commerce, facilities, and entertainment requires significant research, planning, problem solving, and sustainable development of the region’s infrastructure that includes transportation, housing, and utilities to keep the city operating effectively. The goal of VISOR is to work with Metro Nashville governmental agencies to develop a technical and policy platform that enables living city labs in which to study, research, and develop solutions to the challenges and problems faced by the city and by extension other cities around the world.

In particular, the proposed center will conduct research that combines the development of computational infrastructures at scale for collecting and analyzing heterogeneous data across the city, with a focus on social and policy impact. Real-time and predictive data analytics and mining techniques applied to this data will yield decision support systems that (1) support city planners and city residents and (2) address challenges related to improving mobility, increasing  safety, and supporting sustainable and affordable housing developments.