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In 2016, Vanderbilt University consumed over 255 million gallons of water.

Conserving water on campus preserves a valuable natural resource and lessens Vanderbilt’s environmental impact while saving the university thousands of dollars each year. VU is saving approximately 50 million gallons of water annually, or over 1,600,000 bathtubs, from bathroom retrofits and groundwater reuse projects completed on campus so far!

VU Plant Operations and VUMC Plant Services have been systematically retrofitting restrooms throughout the institution. Since 2007, Plant Operations has retrofitted over 3,500 bathroom fixtures producing saving over 50 million gallons of water and $175,000 annually on Vanderbilt’s main campus. VU’s potable water consumption has decreased by 86% since 2007.

Continue reading to learn more about water on Vanderbilt’s campus!

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Water Conservation Tips

To do your part to save water:

In Residence Halls

In Offices and Labs

  • Turn off the water when it is not in use;
  • Report water leaks, broken toilets, and dripping faucets; on campus contact Plant Operations (343-9675); and
  • Wash full, rather than partial, loads of labware, dishes, or clothes.

At Home

  • Take efficient showers and install low-flow showerheads and low-flow aerators on faucets;
  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth;
  • Wash full, rather than partial, loads of dishes and clothes; and
  • Install a rain barrel at home to use rainwater for yard and garden irrigation.