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Phone Book Recycling

Almost all of the information we need these days can be found on-line.

For VU information, use PeopleFinder.

The White and Yellow pages are available on-line at a number of sites, including,,

To Get or Not To Get a Paper Copy

Occasionally there is still a need for a paper copy. We recommend that each department obtain one and keep it in a central location (i.e., mail or copy areas).

For the last few years, VU has begun to receive only 1,000 of each of the Yellow and White pages for the whole campus, and there are still some left over each year. If you wish to receive one of these books, you are responsible for obtaining it.

Yellow and White pages are a program handled through ITS and are kept at Storage and Surplus, 625 Chestnut Street. Any VU employee can obtain one from there between 7:30 am and 4 pm (call first to make sure someone will be there to help you). For more information, or directions to Storage and Surplus contact 6-4626.

VU Directories are handled by Creative Services. Each year, that office contacts every department to determine how many copies are needed. If your office would like to reduce its number of directories, call 2-6096. Printing = trees, the less we use, the better.

At home, if you don’t want to receive the White or Yellow Pages anymore, it’s easy to opt out!

Call 1-800-422-1955 to opt out of receiving them.


Because we have limited staff doing recycling pick up on a schedule, phone books are not included in the regular recycling routes. Below are several recycling options for phone books and printed directories:

  • Recycling for phone books is always available at the Peabody Recycling Center behind The Commons Center in the paper dumpster. Many people take their books over and toss them in before they enjoy a meal at the Commons Dining Center. Many offices send their student workers over with a dolly full of phone books. Feel free to add your phone books to the paper dumpster at any time!
  • On main campus, phone books may be taken to the Station B post office – the recycling program will collect them from there.
  • If you have a very large amount to be recycled, pay to have them picked up for recycling by putting in a work order online with Plant Operations or by calling 2-WORK.