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How to get involved? First and foremost…Think of One thing you can do every day at Vanderbilt to conserve energy…and then do it! One act by each of our 33,000 individuals on campus could add up to HUGE energy savings each day!! But what if you would like to do more? There are many ways that individuals at Vanderbilt can get involved in promoting energy conservation.

Do more than one thing in terms of energy conservation!

When we say “Think of One thing you can do every day to conserve energy”, you probably think of several things you can do conserve energy. Please feel free to conserve energy in multiple ways on multiple days! You’ll be leading by example at Vanderbilt, and that is really important.

Volunteer to be a Peer Educator

Peer Education has been used successfully in a variety of ways, including energy conservation campaigns. You can serve as the ThinkOne contact person for a larger group of Commodores — in your department, your profession, your residence house, your building, or wherever. If you are interested in being a Peer Educator, send an e mail to for more details.

Review the ThinkOne web page regularly for energy conservation facts and tips

The ThinkOne web page is updated regularly, so please keep coming back. Feel free to look at all the ThinkOne web pages: maybe there are some energy conservation tips for residence houses that you can use in your work area, or vice versa. There may also be items from ThinkOne that you want to incorporate at home.

Make Recommendations

ThinkOne isn’t a “one size fits all” program; it’s a collaborative campaign at Vanderbilt that can benefit from your suggestions and insights. Got any “bright ideas”? Send them in an e-mail to

Sign up for the SustainVU e-mail list to receive updates

Receive updates not just on energy conservation, but on sustainability throughout Vanderbilt’s campus and Medical Center.  To sign up, send an email to with the text “subscribe” in the subject field of the message!

Think of One thing you can do every day to conserve energy – then do it! The Power is In Your Hands.
It will take us all working together to make real change!