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  • RSOs (both undergraduate AND graduate) are eligible to apply for Activity Fee funding in the spring semester of each academic year.
  • The funding granted in the spring is applicable the following academic year (year in which the funding would be used).
  • Application information and deadline information can be requested by e-mailing
  • Groups are required to keep diligent records (including tracking attendance through Anchor Link events) of each expenditure for each event in order to apply for AcFee.


  • AcFee funding is distributed to RSOs that have received an allocation from the AcFee Committee at the beginning of each semester.
  • Organizations receive half in the fall semester and half in the spring semester.
  • Please refer to the Treasurer Training for information and guidance on spending.

NOTE: Funding can only be distributed to student organizations with a task number.


  • In general, AcFee is allocated to student organizations that sponsor events open to the entire campus.
  • For more detailed criteria, go to the AcFee Committee Anchor Link page and view the “Documents” section.