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VSA Session II – Star Wars and Mythology

Posted by on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 in VSA Blog.

We invited some VSA students to write short posts, letting us know what they were doing in class a few days ago. Here is a response from one student in Star Wars and Mythology.*

Star Wars and Mythology students
Star Wars and Mythology Students

In class today, we discussed the works and methods of Roland Barthes, the cultural critic, as well as watched Star Wars: Episode VI. We have an interesting class dynamic which allows creativity and humor in a controlled manner. Concepts which otherwise could have been difficult to completely grasp are under our belts in such a way that we can use them fluently in class discussion.

There is a theme throughout the class, a question, a subtle idea linking topics and discussions, sewing them all together. That theme is “The Modern Myth,” and if Star Wars is that for the modern world. We want to be able to decide for ourselves if mythology is dead and obsolete, or alive and breathing.

*It is our policy not to post student’s names.