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Spring SAVY 2013 Week 5: Brain Blast – Section 3 (Instructor: Aaron Fidler)

Posted by on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Spring SAVY 2013 Week 5: Brain Blast – Section 3 (Instructor: Aaron Fidler)

Hello Brain Blasters!

Today was a totally different day for us in SAVY Brain Blast! After four Saturdays of learning all about the brain—the parts of the brain, what they do, how our brain functions to make us think, walk, talk and everything in between and learning all sorts of cool experiments to show the brain in action, we put our minds to really becoming scientists today!

We learned on the very first day what it meant to be a scientist and how a scientist goes about figuring out how to answer a question they have. The scientific method is key to this process—asking your question, learning everything there is already known about the subject, making a hypothesis, planning an experiment and running it and then figuring out what the data meant.

On this Saturday, we broke into three groups within the Fidler Neuroscience group and decided on experiments each group would do. We had two groups who wanted to test how the brain can best be protected—how much padding is needed to protect an egg which would represent our brain. Both groups made a design for a ‘brain protector’ like a helmet in case of an accident and tested the design until the egg broke to see how little material was necessary to protect the brain! The third group wanted to test using the fine motor control boards to see if students or teachers were better at the two test boards! By threading a wire over another wire like a maze, if you touched the wires the light would come on and you’d lose a point—I won’t spoil the results because….

Next week is the poster symposium! We’ll be designing posters to present our data to the scientific community and all three groups—myself, Dr. Zeiger and Mrs. Brown’s—will be joining together at 11:15am and all parents are invited to come see!

We’ll see you then!

Mr. Fidler & Ms. Chou