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24-Hour Crisis/Support Hotline: (615) 322-SAFE (7233)

Programs for Graduate and Professional Students

The Project Safe Center provides its full range of programs and services to graduate and professional students.  In addition, the programs below may be of particular interest to graduate and professional students and postdoctoral scholars.

A full list of our upcoming programs may be found on our Facebook page and in Anchor Link.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop
Learn what constitutes sexual harassment, debunk myths and misinformation relevant to identifying and preventing sexual harassment in the academic environment, and develop skills to address sexual harassment whether happening to you or others.  For faculty and staff versions of this workshop, we will also review your reporting requirements as mandatory reporters. Contact to learn more.

Yoga for Trauma Survivors
In collaboration with the Center for Student Wellbeing, Project Safe offers this 90-minute program for Survivors of Trauma. The first 30 minutes will be an informative session about the ways trauma impacts the body and the benefits of yoga practice. The last hour will be an opportunity for students to practice newly learned skills. Students of all levels are welcome to join. Contact to learn more.  Sign up via Anchor Link.

Lunch & Learn Series
Project Safe offers a monthly Lunch & Learn program designed for graduate and professional students, postdoctoral scholars, faculty and staff.  Topics vary.  Sessions occur September-April on the last Thursday of each month from 12-1 PM.  Various locations.  Contact to learn more.  Sign up via Anchor Link.

Identifying Students in Distress
Project Safe, the Office of Wellness Programs & Alcohol Education, and the University Counseling Center have partnered to offer this training to help faculty and staff learn how to identify and support students in distress, who may have or be experiencing power-based personal violence, need support related to substance abuse or mental health. To request this presentation, email

Supporting Student and Colleague Survivors
Project Safe provides information in a variety of formats to those interested in learning how to better support those who have experienced sexual and intimate partner violence.  We are happy to meet with individual students, groups of students. or student organizations to discuss what appropriate and constructive support looks like in the immediate aftermath of an incident, in the weeks following an assault, and over time. Email for more information or to request a program.

Bystander Intervention Training
The Green Dot bystander intervention curriculum is a comprehensive approach to violence prevention that capitalizes on the power of peer and cultural influence across all levels of the socio-ecological model. Informed by social change theory, the model targets all community members as potential bystanders, and seeks to engage them, through awareness, education, and skills-practice, in proactive behaviors that establish intolerance of violence as the norm, as well as reactive interventions in high-risk situations – resulting in the ultimate reduction of violence.  Project Safe offers a one-hour introductory educational program and 3-6-hour training sessions through the Green Dot program, which is supported by many faculty and staff volunteers.  All Green Dot facilitators have completed a four-day trainer certification program.

Customized Programs
Project Safe staff are happy to help design a program for your office, department, student organization, residence hall, professional association, and more.  We regularly present on timely issues of local and national significance.  We are also available to provide a victim advocate for appropriate programs occurring within the VU community. Email for more information or to request a program.