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A Caret of Editors

Posted by on Thursday, July 5, 2012 in Around the Mall, Summer 2012.

Christine Quinn Trank
Steve Graham
Karen Harris
Ron Zimmer

The American Educational Research Association has appointed Ron Zimmer, associate professor of public policy and education, as an incoming editor of its quarterly publication, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. The EEPA is a multidisciplinary policy journal that focuses on educational evaluation and educational policy analysis, and the relationship between the two.

Zimmer will assume this position with the 2013 volume year along with education researchers and policy experts Mark Berends of Notre Dame, Laura S. Hamilton of the RAND Corporation and Luis A. Huerta of Teachers College, Columbia University.

The American Psychological Association has released the first edition of the Educational Psychology Handbook, co-edited by Peabody faculty members Karen R. Harris and Steve Graham.

The handbook consists of three volumes that reflect the broad nature of the educational psychology field, including state-of-the-science reviews of the diverse critical theories driving research and practice.

Harris is Currey Ingram Professor in Special Education and focuses her research on issues surrounding academic and self-regulation strategies among students who are at risk or have severe learning challenges, particularly in the area of writing. She is the author of more than 100 publications, co-author of several books and former editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Graham is also Currey Ingram Professor of Special Education. His research focuses on writing difficulties and disabilities and on examining the effectiveness of specific prevention and intervention procedures to enhance writing development. He is the author of numerous books and more than 135 papers on handwriting, writing instruction and learning disabilities and is the former editor of both Exceptional Children and Contemporary Educational Psychology.

Christine Quinn Trank, senior lecturer of organizational leadership, has been named editor of the Journal of Management Inquiry and associate editor of the Academy of Management Review.

Professor Quinn Trank’s research focuses on the institutional environment of education, including the integration of new ideas into textbooks as well as the “de-professionalization” of business education. Most recently, she has studied the role of rhetoric in the process of developing organizational identity in the face of large-scale change.


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