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Developmental Psychopathology, Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Judy Garber
Professor of Psychology and Human Development
313B Hobbs
615-343-8714 (office)

Judy Garber, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Human Development, Psychology, and Psychiatry. Her research focuses on the etiology, course, outcome, treatment, and prevention of depression in children and adolescents. She studies social-cognitive, environmental, biological, and interpersonal factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of mood disorders. Dr. Garber is interested in the efficacy of cognitive-behavioral interventions with depressed adolescents, and the prevention of depression, particularly in high-risk offspring of depressed parents.

Dr. Garber’s current research includes (a) a multi-site, NIMH-funded randomized controlled trial (RCT) testing a family-based cognitive-behavioral/coping intervention for the prevention of depression in offspring of depressed parents; (b) a study testing the efficacy of a short-term, experimental interventions for enhancing positive affect systems in children of depressed parents; (c) an examination of developmental skills needed for a child to learn the skills taught in cognitive therapy; and (d) the development of measures of parenting behaviors.