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Vago, David, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

David Vago, Ph.D.
Research Director
Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University
Associate Professor
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences   
3401 West End Ave., Suite 380 (3rd floor)
Nashville, TN 37203
615-875-9555 (office)

Dr. Vago’s research interests broadly focus on utilizing translational models to identify and characterize neurobiological substrates mediating psychopathology, to better predict outcomes and potential biologically-based diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for those suffering with mental illness and chronic pain. Through mixed research methods of systems biology, neuroimaging, predictive computational modeling, connectomics, genomic and neuroendocrine science, innovation, cognitive-behavioral and first-person phenomenological analyses, Dr. Vago focuses on one basic question – “What are the basic neurobiological and physiological components that constitute adaptive mind-brain-body interactions and their therapeutic relevance in psychiatric settings?”

Dr. Vago has a number of research initiatives that are ongoing, including Mapping the Meditative Mind, in which he has partnered with contemporary meditation and yoga teachers, as well as scholars to investigate states of meditation across the spectrum of formal meditative expertise. Another initiative leverages innovation to optimize contemporary tools for electronic delivery of integrative medicine and utilize neurofeedback for patient-centered mental training.

For more information, please visit the lab website.