Past Honors Student Theses

Isabella Blair Ahrens, Mindfullness Mediation: Its Past, Present, and Future Implications for Medicine.
Advisor: Gurjeet Birdee, MD, MPH

Anna Grace Hill, Financial Impact of Affordable Care Act on Publically Traded Hospital Management Organizations.
Advisor: Martha Jones, PhD

Tara Keil, Addressing the Health Disparity Gap for Adults with Developmental Disabilities.
Advisor: Elisabeth Dykens, PhD

Vibhuti Krishna, Mind-body Practice in Undergraduates: User involvement in undergraduate mental healthcare setting
Advisor: JuLeigh Petty, PhD

Colleen McNally, Children and Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease: An Analysis of Behavioral Problems and Possible Correlates.
Advisor: Bruce Compass, PhD

Devin Morris, Politics of Opioid Use and HIV/AIDS Prevalence in the Deep South
Advisor: JuLeigh Petty, PhD

Sarah Fine, A Comparative View of Adolescent Autism in the United States and Israel.
Advisor: Courtney Muse, PhD

Catherine Ross, Implications in Academic Learning from Field Hockey Concussions in High School Girls: A Systematic Review.
Advisor: Melissa McPheeters, PhD, MPH

Ali Byrne, Early Screening of Autism: The Role of Language Barriers in the Pediatrician-Patient Relationship.
Advisor: Blythe Corbett, PhD

Jacqueline Craine, Gender inequalities of mental health in an Arab Islamic context
Advisor: Dominique Behague, PhD

Elizabeth Gardner Gilbert, PTSD and Military Sexual Assault.
Advisor: Kenneth MacLeish, PhD

Max Ofori, Mental health and gun violence.
Advisor: Jonathan Metzl, MD PhD

Hannah Packman, Analysis of the fast food and tobacco industries.
Advisor: Jamie Pope, MS, RD, LDN

Courtney Fleming, Focus Group Methodology: Through the Lens of a Type 2 Diabetes and Technology Study.
Advisor: Trent Rosenbloom, MD

Brittney Johnson, The Digital Mystique.
Advisor: Jonathan Metzl, MD, PhD

Alyssa Moore, The Skinny on Obesogens: From Stigma to Understanding.
Advisor: Beth Conklin, PhD

Kacie Steinbrecher, Framework for Childhood Obesity Intervention Programs for the Low-Income Hispanic Population: A Multifactorial Approach in a Primary-Care Setting.
Advisor: Lori Catanzaro, PhD

Mark Wells, Medical Ethics in International Medicine: A Pilot Research Project on French-Speaking Africa.
Advisors: Elizabeth Heitman, PhD and JuLeigh Petty, PhD

Sima Hisham Baalbaki, The Impact of the Elimination of Property Tax Exemption for Not-for-Profit  Hospitals.
Advisor: Larry Van Horn, MPH, MBA, PhD

Katie Girardi, Advance Directives and Treatment Decisions for Patients Suffering From Severe Dementia: Ethical Implications.
Advisor: Russell McIntire, PhD

Katherine E. Guess, Do Level 1 Trauma Centers Address All Forms of Trauma
Advisor:  Barbara Clinton, MSW

Deepa Joshi, Characterization of Perinatal Substance Abuse in Campbell County, Tennessee and Support Strategies for Paraprofessional.
Advisor:  Barbara Clinton, MSW

Katelyn Elizabeth WoodardThe Relationships Between Numeracy, Self-Efficacy, and Medication Adherence. (2010)
Advisor: Chandra Y. Osborn PhD, MPH, VUMC

Kelley CoffmanHealth Risks and Nuclear Materials (2009)
Advisor: Jonathan Gilligan, PhD, A&S

Sarah DeeryEffect of Literacy and Numeracy on Renal Function in Patients with Diabetes (2008)
Advisor: Russell Rothman, MD, VUMC

Adam Carlisle, Clinical Research of Portion Estimation (2007)
Advisor: Russell Rothman, MD, VUMC

Erin DuncanRole of the Interpreter in the Hospital (2007)
Advisor: Elizabeth Heitman, PhD, VUMC

Disha KumarRace & Gender Concordance between Patient and Physician (2007)
Advisor: David Schlundt, PhD, A&S

Beth McKinnonPatient-Physician Relationship in the Latino Population (2007)
Advisor: Elizabeth Heitman, PhD, VUMC

Brett SklawThe Narrow Approach of Acute Medicine: Diabetes as a Public Health Problem, 1930-1960 (2005)
Advisor: Arleen Tuchman, PhD, A&S

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