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Office Resources for Students

Office Space Access

The Managerial Studies Office is open to all undergraduate students 24/7.  After normal business hours, swipe access is required.  Within the office, there is an open study space where our undergraduate teaching assistants hold office hours and students can work at any time.  The Calhoun 215 suite is also where the majority of Managerial Studies professors’ individual offices are also located.


Bloomberg Terminal

Students have the unique opportunity to access a Bloomberg Terminal on campus to track and analyze real-time financial market data.  The terminal can be accessed by creating a personal username and password combination.  From there, students have access 24/7 to work on financial projects for FNEC classes or to manage their personal portfolios. For more information on the Terminal, click here.  For Basic Bloomberg tech functions, click here.


ClickShare Capability

ClickShare is the ultimate tool for students working together on projects and presentations.  The simple technology plugs into a USB port on any laptop (Mac or PC) and allows one or multiple users (up to four) to put the contents of their screen on the television monitor in the Managerial Studies Office quickly and easily.  ClickShare is available to all students and can be checked out from a student worker at the front desk.  To use ClickShare after hours or on the weekends, check the Buttons out between the hours of 9AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday.  To learn how to use ClickShare and take advantage of all its features, watch this video.


Conference Rooms

There are two conference rooms located in the Managerial Studies Office available to groups of two or more students.  Although they are mostly offered on a first come, first served basis, the conference rooms can be reserved for specific groups ahead of time through our Program Administrator.  Note: Professors have top priority in using conference rooms.


Minor Declaration / Advising

To declare a minor or receive information regarding the different minors, come to the Managerial Studies Office to speak with the administrator.  More instructions may be found here.