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Double Minor Requirements

Managerial Studies Double Minor with an Economics Major

Managerial Studies Double Minor without an Economics Major

Minors may be combined with any departmental or interdisciplinary major; however, the minor in Managerial Studies must include 15 credit hours that are being counted solely toward the minor. Students electing a second minor in Managerial Studies must complete at least 12 credit hours counted solely toward the second minor. For those of you double minoring in Corporate Strategy and Financial Economics, you must view Financial Economics as your first minor and Corporate Strategy as your second minor.

Due to the unique situation of a double Managerial Studies minor, the Degree Audit in YES may sometimes lead students to the wrong conclusions about which classes or how many classes they need to take. If you are considering double minors in Managerial Studies we strongly recommend visiting the Managerial Studies administration to review course requirements in Calhoun 215.