Tran-si-tion (n.) The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Diane Watson, Leadership Coach, Your Authentic Leadership September 6, 2017 There is a thread that flows through my executive coaching engagements – transition.  Clients are moving into challenging new positions, planning retirements, or searching for the next best opportunity. It was my own transition that led me to executive coaching. During my mid-fifties, I realized that […]

Defining Your Leadership Brand

Janet Walls, President & Founder, Delta Blvd July 31, 2017 When we think of a brand we typically visualize a name, slogan, or symbol that distinguishes an organization or product from its competition. As individuals, we have a personal brand – that unique differentiator that defines our identity. Visualize a leader who had a significant […]

Why Mood, or Attitude, is critical to our Learning Experience

By: Mark S. Robertson, PCC — Executive Coach, Owen Coaching Network June 30, 2017 There are so many theories and books out there about learning – individual learning styles, leadership development, creating learning environments, and so on. I could add to this list, but I’d rather ask you to look at learning from a (perhaps) […]

What Can Seasoned Leaders Gain from the Owen Alumni Leadership Development Program?

By: Lesley Bartley, MBA ’05, Program Manager – Alumni Leadership Development May 12, 2017 So you’ve made it to the proverbial corner office, you have a team of people reporting to you, and you make the “big” decisions these days. You’ve earned your way to the top and garnered a number of wonderful experiences and […]