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2017 Symposium News Bulletin

Feb. 24, 2017—On Friday, February 17th, 2017, the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law hosted its symposium titled Sovereign Conduct on the Margins of the Law. By all accounts the event was a great success! The discussions were very thoughtful and generated great conversations between the panelists and the other attendees. With that in mind, the Journal wanted...

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Applying the Law of Proportionality to Cyber Conflict: Suggestions for Practitioners

Feb. 9, 2017—This Note examines the applicability of the law of armed conflict, and particularly the concept of proportionality, to cyber attacks. After exploring deviations in terminology that may lead to confusion in the field, it considers the difficulties associated with applying an area of law first implemented in the post-World War II era to technologies that...

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Supernational Law

Feb. 9, 2017—  Should the United States continue to enter into free trade agreements containing sovereign commitments to resolve regulatory disputes with qualifying multinational corporations before international arbitral tribunals? This question has gained public prominence due to the vocal opposition of Senator Elizabeth Warren and President Donald Trump to the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP), denouncing it as...

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Expanding the Boundaries of Boundary Dispute Settlement: International Law and Critical Geography at the Crossroads

Feb. 9, 2017—This Article identifies a new trend in the adjudication of international boundary disputes and examines it from a historical and normative perspective. For many years, the resolution of international land boundary disputes was governed exclusively by the principle of the stability and continuity of boundaries. Under this paradigm, the main role of international adjudicators was...

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Confronting Mexico’s Enforced Disappearance Monsters: How the ICC Can Contribute to the Process of Realizing Criminal Justice Reform in Mexico

Feb. 9, 2017—In 2015, the United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearances released a report on Mexico, concluding that there is a generalized context of disappearances in the country, many of which would meet the legal definition of enforced disappearance. Despite the recurring pattern of mass disappearances throughout the country in the last decade, including the recent disappearance...

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Patents and Mobile Devices in India: An Empirical Survey

Feb. 9, 2017—Though India has the second-largest wireless subscriber base in the world, with more than 150 domestic mobile device vendors, it has, until recently, remained relatively unaffected by the global smartphone wars. Over the past few years, however, a growing number of patent enforcement actions have been brought by multinational firms against domestic Indian producers. These...

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2017-2018 Board of Editors

Feb. 2, 2017—The Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 Board of Editors: Masthead

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Sovereign Conduct on the Margins of the Law, a Symposium

Jan. 31, 2017—Symposium Brochure Issues surrounding sovereignty have received increasing attention over the last few years, most recently in Congress’s decision regarding Saudi Arabian immunity. The Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law is hosting four panels that will explore the various facets of these issues, such as: the involvement of sovereigns in cyber-crime; terrorism financing, the immunity aspects...

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Mystery Date: Advocating for a Harmonized System of Expiration Date Labeling of Food

Jan. 19, 2017—Americans throw out roughly 25 percent of the food they bring home. Negative perceptions associated with expiration dates are a leading cause for this waste. However, a complex patchwork of state-run regulatory regimes and varying terminology makes it difficult for consumers to determine whether a food product is unsafe to eat or simply past a...

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Up in the Cloud: Finding Common Ground in Providing for Law Enforcement Access to Data Held by Cloud Computing Service Providers

Jan. 19, 2017—Cloud computing is an everyday part of the modern world; a technology that is increasingly transcending international borders. Disregarding international borders allows cloud computing to operate more efficiently and thus provides better service to users. Yet, the global nature of cloud computing raises a question—what happens if multiple countries apply facially similar laws to cloud...

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ExpressO Top 10 Law Review


The Journal is pleased to announce its 2018-2019 Board of Editors. Complete-Masthead-2018-2019

Vanderbilt University Law School Professor Michael A. Newton’s 2016 VJTL Article entitled How the International Criminal Court Threatens Treaty Norms  was cited by the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s November 2017 filing seeking investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan.

May 2018 Issue on the Second Israel Defense Forces International Conference on the Law of Armed Conflict. Read more about the Journal’s May 2018 issue here.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Journal’s 50th Anniversary celebration on October 5, 2017! View photos from the event here and read about the Journal’s history here.

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The Journal is pleased to listed as the #5 International Law Journal by the 2017 Washington and Lee Law Journal Rankings.

The Journal is very excited about the success of our February 2017 Symposium, “Sovereign Conduct on the Margins of the Law.” Read more about our February 2017 Symposium here

Please join us in congratulating the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 2017-2018 Write-On Competition Winners.

Video is available from the Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law’s 2015-2016 SymposiumThis is Not a Drill: Confronting Legal Issues in the Wake of International Disasters. Watch here.