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Gender, Sexuality, and Desire in Jewish Literature (JS 1111.05)

Feb. 1, 2015—From the Syllabus: In this course we will examine representations of gender, sexuality, and desire in Jewish literature. Our readings will span a broad range of literary texts, from biblical stories to contemporary American Yiddish Literature. This course will serve...

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Introduction to Judaism (RLST 1200)

Feb. 1, 2015—Comprehensive overview of the Jewish religion, beliefs and practices, holidays and sacred texts. Next Offered: AXLE Category: Writing Course: Also Eligible for Credit in: Taught by: Fall 2015 HCA No Religious Studies Register now on YES    

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Themes in the Hebrew Bible (RLST 1208)

Feb. 1, 2015—Catalog Description: A thematic introduction to the Hebrew Scripture/Old Testament. Selected themes-such as creation, revelation, covenant, law, suffering, messianic expectation – are traced through the diverse parts of the Bible (Pentateuch, Prophetic Writings, and Wisdom Literature) as well as in...

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Classical Judaism (JS1200)

Feb. 1, 2015—Catalog Description: History of the Jewish people from biblical origins through the 2nd century CE. The Hellenistic Age, the Age of the Maccabees, Roman rule, and the rise of the Rabbis and Rabbinic literature. Next Offered: AXLE Category: Writing Course:...

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