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‘Ottoman Empire’

Jews and Muslims: A Modern History (JS1111.09)

Feb. 1, 2015—Catalog Description: Independent learning and inquiry in an environment in which students can express knowledge and defend opinions through intensive class discussion, oral presentations, and written expression. From the Syallbus: What do you think of when you hear the words...

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Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Citizenship in the Modern Era

Jan. 8, 2014—By Julia Phillips Cohen. (Oxford University Press, 2014) The Ottoman-Jewish story has long been told as a romance between Jews and the empire. The prevailing view is that Ottoman Jews were protected and privileged by imperial policies and in return offered their unflagging devotion to the imperial government over many centuries. In this book, Julia Phillips Cohen offers a corrective, arguing that Jewish leaders who promoted this vision were doing so in response to a series of reforms enacted by the nineteenth-century Ottoman state: the new equality they gained came with a new set of expectations. Ottoman subjects were suddenly to become imperial citizens, to consider their neighbors as brothers and their empire as a homeland.

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