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‘Eligible for Sociology’

American Jewish Life (JS 2400)

Jan. 9, 2015—Catalog Description: Diversity, individualism, and change in Jewish life. Food and culture, memory and identity, gender and assimilation, Reform-Conservative-Orthodox culture wars From the Syllabus: This class explores key trends, innovations, dilemmas and flashpoints in contemporary American Jewish life. We ask...

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The Jewish Diaspora (JS2450)

Jan. 9, 2015—Catalog Description: Changing Jewish communities, especially outside the United States and Israel, in macro-historical context. Post-communist European Jewish identity. New global diasporas and their relationship to the largest Jewish communities in Israel and the United States From the Syllabus: Of...

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Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life (JS2560)

Jan. 8, 2015—Catalog Description: How social movements shape contemporary American Jewish culture and politics. Explores movements internal to Judaism and those bringing religion into the public sphere. From the Syllabus: Social movements change worlds. They mobilize and empower people to shape policy...

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Culture, Philosophy & Literature Courses from Other Departments

Jun. 2, 2013—English: 3664, Jewish American Literature. French: 4430, The Struggle of Encounter: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Literature. German: 3344, Women at the Margins: German-Jewish Women Writers; 2445, Nazi Cinema: The Manipulation of Mass Culture. History of Art: 2765, Art Since 1945....

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Modern & Contemporary Experience Courses from other Departments

Jun. 1, 2013—Divinity: 5444, The Holocaust Representation and Reflection. European Studies: 2208, Conspiracy Theories and Rumors in Euorpean and U.S. History. German: 1111.02, Representing the Holocaust. History: 1111.18, The Life, Science, and Times of Albert Einstein; 1482, World War II. Political Science:...

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