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New faculty publications by Julia Phillips Cohen and Judy Klass

Our JS interim director and professor, Julia Cohen, has recently published a short article titled “American Days, Turkish Nights” about Turkish Jews in the US. Congratulations Julia!

Read more here at:

Professor Judy Klass currently has three of her short plays in press: one in The Best New Plays 2021 with Applause Theatre & Cinema Books, one in an anthology of Seven Hills contest winners published by the Tallahassee Writers Association, and one in a Stage It! anthology of winners in the festival of Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs, also in Florida.

She additionally had a play up at the Darkhorse Theater in a short play festival here in Nashville last Saturday. Another short play will be produced in March, with a cast of two Vanderbilt students and a Vanderbilt student directing, again at the Darkhorse. That short play, What’s Held Back, will be paired with the full-length play, Keely and Du, being produced by Act 1. Congratulations, Judy!