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JS 2700W/5700W: Judaism and Medicine

Posted by on Friday, February 21, 2020 in Courses.

JS 2700W: Judaism and Medicine

Catalog description: Medicine, healing, health, and disease in Jewish text, history, ritual, literature, and lived experience. Jewish encounters with Jewish and gentile medical expertise, disability, aging, and death. Jewish approaches to problems in biomedical ethics. Intersection of health, Jewish identity, and sex and gender. [3] (P)

Taught by: Rebecca Epstein-Levi

From Professor Epstein-Levi: You’ve heard the joke about how your parents want you to marry “a nice Jewish doctor.” But what else is there to the relationships between Jews, Judaisms, medicine, healing, injury, and illness?  How have different streams of Judaism understood health and medicine? How have medical discourses understood and depicted Jews and Judaism? And how have present-day Jewish ethicists dealt with the increasingly fraught and complex moral questions raised in contemporary medical contexts?

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