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Culture, Philosophy & Literature Courses from Other Departments

Posted by on Sunday, June 2, 2013 in Courses.

English: 3664, Jewish American Literature.

French: 4430, The Struggle of Encounter: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Literature.

German: 3344, Women at the Margins: German-Jewish Women Writers; 2445, Nazi Cinema: The Manipulation of Mass Culture.

History of Art: 2765, Art Since 1945.

Music Literature: 2150, Music, Identity, and Diversity.

Philosophy: 3011, Critical Theory; 2109, Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy; 3005, Jewish Philosophy; 3006, Islamic Philosophy.

Religious Studies: 2940, Great Books of Literature and Religion; 3270, Jewish Theories of Religion; 2220, Jewish Ethics; 3940, The Nature of Evil.

Russian: 3231, Jews in Russian Culture: Survival and Identity; 2434, Russian Cinema.

Sociology: 3204, Tourism, Culture and Place; 3222, Sociology of Religion.

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