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Advanced Seminar in History of Art – Post-1945 Berlin (HIST 4960)

Posted by on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 in Courses.

Catalog Description: An undergraduate seminar involving advanced reading, research, and writing in a particular area of art history. Limited to juniors and seniors with preference to history of art majors. May be repeated for credit once if there is no duplication in topic and not twice from the same instructor. Students may enroll in more than one section of this course each semester.

From the Syllabus: The city of Berlin’s monuments and memorials embody its rich and traumatic history during the Third Reich, after World War II, under the four Allied occupiers, during the Cold War, and after reunification. As a national capitol, these monuments and memorials embody the destruction of its people and buildings, but also the attempts to remember the atrocities committed by the Nazis and during the Cold War, as well as a compulsion to remember the past and rebuild for the present and future. This class will examine such well-known monuments as the Soviet Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial, the Jewish Museum, the rebuilt Reichstag, the Berlin Wall, and other sites of historical and cultural memory.

Next Offered: AXLE Category: Writing Course: Also Eligible for Credit in: Taught by:
HCA No Jewish Studies Fryd