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JS 2700W/5700W: Judaism and Medicine

JS 5894: Topics in Modern Jewish History

JS 1040: Intro to Modern Jewish History

Introduction to Judaism (JS 1010)

Modern Yiddish Literature in Translation (JS 2215)

Christian-Jewish Relations in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (JS-3350)

The Holocaust (JS-3100)

Introduction to Jewish Studies (JS-1002W)

Coming of Age in Jewish Literature and Film (JS-2260)

FYS: Jews in Hollywood (JS-1111.12)

Jewish Humor (JS-2280W)

Advanced Hebrew Grammar (HEBR-2301)

Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR-2202)

Elementary Hebrew (HEBR-1102)

Black-Jewish Relations in Post-War American Literature and Culture (JS-2240W)

Special Topics: Jewish and Christian Relations (JS3890)

Introduction to Jewish Studies (JS1002)

Introduction to Jewish Studies (JS1002W)

In a Pluralistic Age: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Spain (JS1111.01)

Jewish Studies Music and Identity in Jewish Traditions (JS1111.02)

Jewish Studies Radical Jews from Karl Marx to Noam Chomsky (JS1111.03)

Jewish Studies Civil Rights and Wrongs: Black-Jewish Relations in the 1950s and 1960s (JS1111.04)

Gender, Sexuality, and Desire in Jewish Literature (JS 1111.05)

Reading across the Boundaries: Arab and Israeli Literature and Culture (JS1111.06)

From Einstein to Chomsky: Revolutionary Sciences in Jewish America (JS1111.07)

Jews and Muslims: A Modern History (JS1111.09)

Jewish Studies Jewish Response to Catastrophe (JS1111.10)

Introduction to Judaism (RLST 1200)

Themes in the Hebrew Bible (RLST 1208)

Jewish Studies Classical Judaism (JS1200)

Jews in the Medieval World (JS1220)

Perspectives in Modern Jewish History (JS1240)

The New Testament in its Jewish Context (JS2100)

Israeli Culture Through Film (JS 2220)

Issues in Rabbinic Literature (JS2150)

Hebrew Literature in Translation (JS 2210W)

American Southern Jews in Life and Literature (JS2230W)

Black-Jewish Relations in Post-War American Literature and Culture (JS2240W)

Witnesses Who Were Not There: Literature of the Children of Holocaust Survivors (JS2250W)

Coming of Age in Jewish Literature and Film (JS 2260)

Coming of Age Jewish in Literature and Film (JS2260W)

Jewish Storytelling (JS 2270W)

Jewish Humor (JS2280W)

Imagining the Alien: Jewish Science Fiction (JS 2290W)

Modern Jewish Thought (JS2300)

Freud and Jewish Identity (JS2320)

Is God Guilty? The Problem of Evil in Judaism (JS2330)

Jewish Philosophy after Auschwitz (JS2340)

American Jewish Life (JS 2400)

American Jewish Songwriters (JS2420W)

The Jewish Diaspora (JS2450)

Modern Israel (JS2500)

Zionism: Politics, Religion, and Ethnicity (JS2520)

Jewish Studies Power and Diplomacy in the Modern Middle East (JS2540)

Social Movements in Modern Jewish Life (JS2560)

Muslims and Jews (JS2600)

Jews in Egypt (JS2620)

Jews and Greeks (JS 2640)

Jewish Studies Major Themes in Jewish Studies (JS3000)

Jewish Studies Reading Across Boundaries: Jewish and Non-Jewish Texts (JS3210)

Alternative Modernities (JS3890 Special Topics)

Jewish Studies Jewish Animals (JS 3890 Special Topics)

Jewish Studies Secularism (JS 3890 Special Topics)

Jewish Language and Paleography (JS4301)

Jewish Studies Senior Project in Jewish Studies (JS 4970)

Elementary Hebrew (HEBR 1101)

Intermediate Hebrew (HEBR 2201)

Advanced Hebrew Composition (HEBR 2302W)

Independent Study in Modern Hebrew (HEBR 3851)

Independent Study in Modern Hebrew (HEBR 3852)

Jewish American Literature (ENGL 3664)

Last Empire of Islam (HIST 2190)

Jewish Studies Advanced Seminar in History of Art – Post-1945 Berlin (HIST 4960)

Jewish Studies Antiquity & Medieval World Courses from Other Departments

Jewish Studies Biblical Studies Courses from Other Departments

Jewish Studies Culture, Philosophy & Literature Courses from Other Departments

Jewish Studies Modern & Contemporary Experience Courses from other Departments