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Inservice Requests

VHRPP can also provide any type of human research protections training for an individual department or Investigator and key study personnel.
To request an in-service please contact Jim Arrington at (615) 875-8961 or Click Here

We will need information regarding:

•   The approximate number of attendees
•   The desired length of the presentation
•   Potential Dates
•   Target audiences (such as faculty, research coordinators, and/or students)


You have the option of selecting one of the topics below or designing an in-service specific to your department and/or team.

• Audits, Compliance reviews and Improvements
• Emergency Use of FDA regulated products
• Expedited review under 45 CFR 46.110 (f)
• Exempt research, what qualifies
• FDA Inspection Preparedness
• FDA guidance from Continuing Review
• Giving a Voice to Research Participants
• Humanitarian Use Device Issues
• Informed Consent (various presentations)

o Basics and Beyond (overview of consenting)
o Informed Consent Documentation
o The Informed Consent Document
o The Informed Consent Process
o Obtaining Surrogate Consent
o Waiver of Consent Process/Documentation

•  Investigator Responsibilities
•  Monitoring PI Initiated Studies
•  Non-Compliance with the Protocol
•  Non-Human/Non-Research Process
•  Reporting Unanticipated Problems and Serious Adverse Event Reporting
•  The Basics for Conducting Research at Vanderbilt
•  Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information: IRB Policy and Procedure Considerations
•  VHRPP’s Enhanced DISCOVR-e Submissions Portal
•  IRB Committee Responsibilities