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Instructions for VU Investigators, Staff and Associates

As a component of a comprehensive program for the protection of human research participants, the Vanderbilt Human Research Protection Program (VHRPP) requires that all human subjects research investigators and key research personnel conducting human subjects complete initial and annual human research protections training as stated in VHRPP Policy and Procedures VIII.A and VIII.A.1.

The Investigator’s Handbooks for the Protection of Human Participants in Biomedical Research and in Social and Behavioral Research are resource manuals for investigators and researchers. These manuals will assist in smoothly navigating the IRB processes and adhering to the federal regulations and VHRPP policies related to human research protections.

Completion reports for courses taken through the CITI Program are automatically emailed to the VHRPP office with the exception of the Responsible Conduct of Research courses.

Documentation (certificate of completion) for any course outside of the CITI Program and/or the Learning Exchange should be emailed to the VHRPP at

Modules Required for Initial Training

The training is divided into two tracks: Biomedical Research and Social/Behavioral Research.

If your focus is in the health science domain, complete the following Biomedical Research Modules:

  • Module 1    Introduction
  • Module 2    History and Ethics
  • Module 3    Basic Institutional Review Board (IRB) Regulations and Review Process
  • Module 4    Basics of Health Privacy
  • Module 5    Vanderbilt University


If your focus is in the social/behavioral domain, complete the following Social/Behavioral Research Modules:

  • Module 1    Introduction
  • Module 2    History and Ethical Principles
  • Module 3    The Regulations
  • Module 4    Informed Consent
  • Module 5    Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Module 6    Vanderbilt University



 CITI Website          Navigating the CITI Website            FAQ