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  • Learning a Foreign Language: A Journey!

Students take three semesters of Beginning and/or Intermediate language, including FR 1101, FR 1102, FR 1103, FR 2203, ITA 1101, ITA 1102, ITA 1103, ITA 2203. The three semesters can be taken in one language in sequence or in the two languages (e.g. 1101 and 1102 in one language and 1103/2203 in another language).

The immersion project entails the creation of a final artifact (in English or in the target language(s), including movies, posters, visual journals, performances, etc…) after completing the three semesters, through which students will:

  1. a) Collect classwork from the three language semesters (e.g. projects, assignments, in-class activities, quizzes, exams, etc…) that they think significant in their learning and will store it in the Brightspace’s portfolio,
  2. b) Reflect on the language learning process (which in-class or outside-of-the-classroom assignments were the most helpful throughout the three semesters), and on cultural awareness and intercultural competence acquisition, and
  3. c) Discuss the possible applications of the language(s) in their future life with concrete examples.

Immersion Pathway/s: Creative expression; Research

French – Contact Elyse Petit at

Italian – Contact Andrea Mirabile at