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Jewish & Arab-Muslim Relations (France, North Africa, Israel)

  • Jewish & Arab-Muslim Relations (France, North Africa, Israel) There are a variety of faculty-led immersion projects possible that aim at comprehending one of the most entrenched conflicts of our epoch: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This could occur through a Maymester faculty-led study tour (10-15 students) or a set of courses including a study-abroad component that address a wide-ranging interrogation of the turbulent cohabitation of Jews and Arab-Muslims in France. The purpose would be to understand the rise of terrorism and why France has been the target of more ISIS terrorist attacks than any other country in Europe. Through a study of the history and culture of migration and diaspora between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, an immersion project of this type can focus on the interactions of the specific French and Francophone regions in the Mediterranean basin that are most integral to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – most notably southern France, the Maghreb, but may also include Israel. Study in Nashville could include courses aimed at the conflict and its history, coupled with a study-abroad component that could include a study-tour of the Mediterranean basis from France (Marseilles) to North Africa (Tangiers) and Israel (Haifa), or be incorporated into the existing study abroad program in one of those areas. Haifa now has a direct-credit program for Vanderbilt students.

Successful completion of the immersion project may involve a research paper or other creative project that reflects student learning on the topic (video, journalistic report, etc.) Credit hours: variable according to specific project.

Immersion Pathways: International; Research.
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