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French Fluency and Multicultural Identities

  • French Fluency and Multicultural Identities – After completing the first three semesters of French, students have the choice of enrolling intwo courses that focus on language use in-context and cross-cultural awareness. Courses offered are FR1111 “First-Year Writing Seminar”; FR 2501W Grammar and Composition”; FR 2611 “Pronunciation, Phonetics and Performance”; FR 2614 “Advanced Conversation”; FR 3111 “French for Business; FR 3112 “Medical French in Intercultural Contexts”; FR 3113 “Advanced French Grammar”.
    The immersion project entails:
    a)  A final reflection on the ways these two classes allowed students to reflect upon the multiple facets of their identity as a language learner, and gain a sense of the vast and diverse voices present in the language and cultures studied highlighting language use in context and cross-cultural awareness;
    b) A subsequent creation of an artifact (in English or in the target language(s), such as a movie, a poster, a digital journal, a performance, etc…) in which students express their own diverse identities  and showcase their multicultural awareness 

Immersion pathway/s: Creative expression; Research

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