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Marc Froment-Meurice

Marc Froment-Meurice
Emeritus Professor of French






Docteur-ès-lettres de l’Université de Nice (1992)


Professional Biography

By “literature” we should mean all that involves writing and reading without the boundaries and obscurity provoked by “scientific” approaches. Literature should not be considered a mere amusement or a hypocritical means to preserve an educated elite.

My publications reflect the wide scope of my interests in theory, art and literature. I will mention only a few books: La Disparue (récit, 1987); Solitudes, de Rimbaud à Heidegger (1989; trans. SUNY, 1995); La Chose même (1992); Tombeau de Trakl (1992);  C’est à dire: Poétique de Heidegger (1996; trans. as That Is to Say: Heidegger’s Poetics Stanford U.P, 1998); La Chimère. Tombeau de Nerval (2001); Incitations (2002). CV