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Provost Research Studios


The goal of the Provost Research Studios (PRS) is to support the professional development of full-time faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track) who are not full professors or otherwise at the top of their promotion ladder. The PRS must provide mentoring from outside the university. Such mentoring will not only advance the research and scholarship agendas of these faculty, but it will also help expand their professional networks. PRS provides a chance to bring a more senior scholar or scholars from other universities to campus and/or to visit a more senior scholar or scholars at other universities. A key objective of the PRS is to offer this support at a critical time in the faculty member’s career so as to leverage the impact of this investment.


Full-time faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track) who are junior professors and who report to the Office of the Provost are eligible for this program. Previous PRS recipients are ineligible for nomination.

Program Elements

  • A PRS provides a chance to bring a scholar or scholars from other universities to campus and/or to visit a scholar or scholars at other universities. The PRS recipient and the scholar(s) must discuss the faculty member’s work. The PRS could provide interactive panel discussions, suggestions for improving the PRS recipient’s research and scholarship, and individual meetings with these visiting faculty mentor(s).
  • The resulting feedback should help the faculty member’s program of research. This can be in the form of articles, books, creative expression, or external grants.
  • The dean of each college that reports to the Provost may nominate faculty for this program.
  • The Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs may provide up to $4,000 to cover the costs of each PRS. The PRS funding may be used on travel, lodging, meeting, and/or dining expenses, which could include group meals, to bring or visit scholar(s) from other universities to discuss the faculty member’s work. The PRS funding may also be used on an honorarium for each visiting scholar. Each honorarium may be up to $500 per visiting scholar. The colleges/schools, departments, programs may choose to provide an honorarium for more than $500 for each scholar, but the applicable college/school, department, or program would pay for the amount in excess of $500 per visiting scholar.
  • For AY 2019-2020, funding must be spent by June 30, 2020.
  • The Office of the Provost will make the final determinations given the nominee pool and announce the final awardees.
  • By June 30, 2020, the awardees will be required to submit a report. The report form will include a short summary of the scholar(s) the PRS recipient met with and the outcomes of the recipient’s PRS.

Nomination Guidelines

Previous Awardees

Manuel Ascano Basic Sciences
Jo-Anne Bachorowski Arts and Science
Rizia Bardhan Engineering
Eric Barth Engineering
Jada Benn Torres Arts and Science
Brett Byram Engineering
Janey Camp Engineering
Christopher Candelaria Peabody
Amanda Clayton Arts and Science
James Dewar Basic Sciences
Anita Disney Arts and Science
Joseph Fishman Law
Phillip Franck Arts and Science
Kathy Friedman Arts and Science
Joanne Golann Peabody
Kelly Goldsmith Owen
Andrew Goodman-Bacon Arts and Science
Emily Greble Arts and Science
Jessie Hock Arts and Science
Emily Hodges Basic Sciences
Sun-Joo Cho Peabody
Nicole Joseph Peabody
Arion Kennedy Basic Sciences
Maithilee Kunda Engineering
Ken Lau Basic Sciences
Megan Lawrence Owen
Catherine Lee (joint) Owen
Luis Leyva Peabody
Paul Lim Divinity
Blair Lloyd Peabody
Haoxiang Luo Engineering
Herbert Marbury Divinity
David Michelson Divinity
Ryan Middagh Blair
Letizia Modena Arts and Science
Michelle Murray Arts and Science
Justus Ndukaife Engineering
Jeremy Neal Nursing
Ryoma Ohi (joint) Basic Sciences
Kendra Oliver Basic Sciences
Lauren Parker-Jackson Arts and Science
Emily Phillips Galloway Peabody
Lauren Rogal Law
Akshya Saxena Arts and Science
Lori Schirle Nursing
Tesha Sengupta-Irving Peabody
Phillis Sheppard Divnity
Deonni Stolldorf Nursing
Michael Stuart (joint) Owen
Guojun Wang Arts and Science
Marija Zanic (joint) Basic Sciences