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Contribute to Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities (DH) can be defined as the use of computational (digital) tools to answer traditional Humanities questions. To get started, visit the Center for Digital Humanities (located in 344 Buttrick), or check out a collection of Vanderbilt resources for Digital Humanities, a Calendar of Vanderbilt DH events, a sample of Digital projects by Vanderbilt faculty and staff

There are many specific tools and concepts that are associated with DH. Vanderbilt offers support for the following:

Text Encoding

Create digital, searchable editions of texts online.

Videogame Pedagogy

Use video games to assist other learning goals

Digital Mapping

Create digital maps for use in teaching or research

Network Analysis

Visualize and analyze the linkages between people or events in a network

Text Mining

Use computational tools to analyze and visualize texts


Share files in collaborative projects and find training resources that others have shared about their projects.