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Omeka Resources

Vanderbilt Center for Digital Humanities Bootcamp
Omeka Workshop, April 26, 2019

User name: *******

Password: *******

Imagine that you are a curator or archivist who has been asked to create a collection related to a typical room in the early 21st-century. Use items from your own office, home, or hotel room to complete the activity.

Take a photograph of two (2) items including: one text (a syllabus, page of notes, book, to-do list, etc.) and one image that is an object (furniture, electronic equipment, coffee pot, etc.).

Email the pictures from your phone to your email account. Then save the picture on your laptop.

In our workshop we will create a record for each, populate Dublin Core metadata fields, and create a sample exhibit.

1. Title your entry (ex. Keurig Coffee Maker, K-55 Classic, Nashville, Tennessee)
2. Keyword list (subjects, search terms, tags)
3. Short description (2-3 sentences)
4. Creator of the document or object
5. Source of the document or object
6. Publisher of the document or object
7. Relevant dates associated with the item
8. Contributor (your name)
9. Format (if photo, list type/size, ex. JPG image file, 502 kb)
10. Type (text, object, building)
11. Substance material (paper, metal, plastic, organic)
12. Physical dimensions
13. Texture (shiny, hard, soft, smooth, textured, etc.)