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April 17-19: Mellon Partners in Humanities Education Workshop on Haiti: The Need to Know and Preserve the Past

Posted by on Monday, April 8, 2019 in Events, Workshops, Drop-in hours, News.

Mellon Partners for Humanities Education

Center for Digital Humanities Workshop on Haiti

Register for the event here:

When registering, please indicate if you plan to attend a special workshop on field digitization and International Standards for Digital Preservation with Professor David LaFevor.

Wednesday, April 17th

Noon               Circum-Atlantic Studies Seminar’s lunchtime presentation in Buttrick 123

Julia Gaffield, Georgia State University, “‘Je suis Chrétien, Chrétien, moi!’: Emperor Faustin I of Haiti and Abbé Moussa, Africain, and the Fight for a National Church”


Thursday, April 18th

8:30                 Coffee

9:00                 Welcoming Remarks and Introductions: Dean Bonnie J. Dow and Associate Director of the Center for Digital Humanities Mickey Casad, Vanderbilt University

9:30                 Jane Landers, Vanderbilt University, “Before Toussaint: Slave Rebels and Black Auxiliaries in Española”

10:00               Miriam Erickson, Vanderbilt University, “The Diaspora of Spain’s Black Auxiliary Troops”

10:30               Jessica Fletcher, Vanderbilt University, “False and Pretended Masters:” Freedom Lawsuits, Jurisdictional Legal Conflict, and the Haitian Diaspora to Cuba and the Antebellum US South”

11:00               Julia Gaffield, Georgia State University, “Haiti and the Atlantic World Website”,

Noon:              Lunch

1:30                 David LaFevor, University of Texas-Arlington, “Training Workshop on International Standards for Digital Preservation”

4:00               Haitian filmmaker, Wilna Julmiste Taylor, Vanderbilt University, presents her film, “Lumière douce, Lumière brilliant,” with Q&A to follow


Friday, April 19th

8:30                Coffee

9:00                 Charlton (Chaz) Yingling, University of Louisville, “Dominicans and Haiti in the Age of Revolutions”

9:30                 Charlton (Chaz) Yingling, University of Louisville and Angela Sutton, Vanderbilt University, “Mapping Desire and Race onto Early Modern Caribbean Space”

10:00              Frank Robinson, Vanderbilt University, “Historic and Modern Racism in Haiti”

10:30               Paula Covington, Vanderbilt University, Review of VU Library Holdings and Websites on Haiti

Noon               Lunch

1:00                 DeLisa Harris, Fisk University and Nathan Dize, Vanderbilt University, “The Haitian Papers Project at Fisk University

2:00                 David LaFevor, University of Texas-Arlington, “Training Workshop on International Standards for Digital Preservation”

4:00                 Closing reception