Farewell to Rachel, Jonathan, and Serena!

Farewell to Rachel, Jonathan, and Serena!

The Curb Scholars’ final meeting of the year took place on Monday, December 5th in the Curb Center’s workshop space. The group discussed and revised the final draft of Spencer and Elizabeth’s proposal to Mark Petty for the Open Doors installation project. During the course of this discussion, and after much deliberation and many puns, the project was renamed “Evolving Doors.” The Scholars also admired and discussed Sophia’s poster mock-ups for the door-painting event, and gave her feedback going forward. Finally, the Curb Scholars signed cards and said farewell to fellow Scholars Rachel Anand, Jonathan Tari, and Serena Deutch, who will be spending the next semester completing internships abroad in Edinburgh, Budapest, and London respectively.


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December 6, 2016

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