It was compelling from beginning to end and the Scholars couldn’t wait to talk about it. During the first book club meeting, they discussed Naomi Alderman’s “The Power”. The novel follows several characters as they try to make sense of a new world where women have developed the power of electricity. Analyzing the shift froma patriarchal to a matriarchal society was a key part of the conversation, but the concept of power and how it’s used was also significant. Considering the novel and returning to last meeting’s talk about civic power, the Scholars were asked to write their power. Whether they are good at negotiating or organizing, recognizing their abilities is important when thinking about their Activist World Building project. Speaking of which, the votes are in! The Scholars have decided their project will be a campus graffiti wall. It’s a large undertaking, but with their combined powers, the Scholars can get it done. Onward!