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Curb Scholar Ben Scheer jumps imagination-first into big projects, and he’s not afraid of a lot of trial and error. The Vanderbilt human and organizational development and economics double major has worked on dozens of entrepreneurial endeavors ranging from coding to music to virtual reality to photography, with his biggest focus being on connecting with people and solving problems. Read the article here.


Congratulations to Associate Director Alex Frenette, along with Nathan D. Martin and Steven J. Tepper from Arizona State University on the publication of their latest paper Oscillate wildly: The Under-acknowledged Prevalence, Predictors, and Outcomes of Multi-disciplinary Arts Practice”. The paper appears in the current issue of the journal Cultural Trends. Frenette’s work has recently been featured on the National Endowment for the Arts’ blog with a thoughtful piece on his recent Cultural Trends article and the NEA report Frenette co-authored with Tim Dowd. Read the article here.




“Untitled” by Wendi Powers