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The CSB Core Faculty are investigators at Vanderbilt with sufficient knowledge and practical experience in at least one structural biology approach to serve as contacts or consultants for other Vanderbilt investigators who are interested in structural biology research.

CSB Core Faculty

By Department

Biological Sciences Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology
Tony Capra Erkan Karakas Borden Lacy
Brandt Eichman Hassane Mchaourab
Lauren Jackson Teru Nakagawa Pharmacology
placeholder text Tina Iverson
Biochemistry Medicine
Ben Spiller
Breann Brown Ray Blind
Walter Chazin Brett Kroncke Fisk University
Martin Egli Steve Damo
Steve Fesik Chemistry
Galina Lepesheva Terry Lybrand Meharry Medical College
Carlos Lopez Jens Meiler Jamaine Davis
Yi Ren Mike Stone
Chuck Sanders
placeholder text

CSB Emeritus Faculty

Al Beth

Paul Bock

Gerald Stubbs

Michael Waterman