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Info on Summer Internship Subsidies

The information below comes from the Career Center and involves summer internship subsidies:

Vanderbilt provides a subsidy to waive the cost associated with the academic credit required for internships. Here are the highlights of the subsidy program:

  • Open to any VU undergraduate who is required by an employer or by immigration regulations to earn academic credit
  • Designed to cover/waive the majority of tuition and fees for the academic component of a one-credit summer internship
  • Registration may be through any of the four undergraduate schools
  • Student fee to enroll in one-credit summer course required for an internship is currently $200 plus applicable summer fees

To be eligible for the subsidy, a student is required to complete the Center’s Summer Internship Orientation and quiz focusing on workplace law and workplace etiquette and submit the required application paperwork. For complete details of the application process visit the Summer Internship Subsidy page.

Students who choose not to apply for a summer internship subsidy may continue to use the regular tuition process to enroll in designated summer internship courses. Details are available through the Dean’s office of your college/school.