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Info on Interdisciplinary Internships

The information below comes from the Vanderbilt Undergraduate Catalog:

INDS 3880 (fall, spring) and INDS 3884 (summer)       
1 credit hour (repeatable)

Any student who is at least a sophomore and in good academic standing may earn one credit hour per semester or summer for an internship under this designation. This course may be repeated twice for a maximum of 3 credit hours exclusively on a Pass/Fail basis. Note that usual tuition charges apply for the internship credit hour(s) earned.

Credit hours earned will not count toward major or minor requirements or toward AXLE but will count as part of the total credit hours required for graduation.

Students obtain their own placement and the CMST faculty advisor works with them to develop a list of readings or research agenda for the internship, which must be approved by the director of internships in the College of Arts and Science (Associate Dean Yollette Jones). The necessary forms for earning academic credit for an internship may be obtained from the A&S Associate Deans’ Office in 350 Buttrick Hall, although students register for internships through the Office of Academic Services of their respective school.

The deadline for submitting registration forms to Dean Jones’s office for internship courses taken during Summer term and Fall semester is May 1. Students expecting to intern during the Spring semester should submit registration forms by January 1.